Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jealous.... For me?

When God says He is jealous for you we need to take that out of the human context (which is what we do). In the human context jealousy is ugly and manipulative, it could be a form of covetousness. Relationally it's us as humans saying we know what's best for you but you have submit to my conditions or else I am going to pout or get angry. God's jealousy for us is different it comes from a place of pure love not tainted by manipulation or an unhealthy past. It is Him saying I love you, I created you for this relationship and when you accept anything less or let anything or anyone get in the way of this relationship, He knows that you are settling for something lower than you were created for. Remember when He is number 1 in our lives the rest has a way of falling into place especially when we enter in to relationship with others.