Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can expectations = limitations? (10/31)

Well once again at the gathering there was a common theme that was threaded through most of the conversation and ministry time. The theme was expectations, both good and bad. How many of us have been limited because our expectations were lower than we knew they should be? How many of us have been blocked from growth because we never were able to exceed the expectations that were put on us by others?
Unfortunately because of these limitations we miss the expectations that God has for us. Most of us
that have been around church have heard Jeremiah 29:11 used sometimes endlessly, instead of being a revelation packed verse from God it has become a platitude. However there is deep truth there, God has plans for each and everyone of us and in His eyes they aren’t depended on where we come from, how smart we think we are, how pretty we think we are or how capable we think we
are. He sees us through different eyes, eyes that aren’t limited by our humanity or by how many boogers we have on our lenses (thanks the Kris Vallotton for that visual).
 We need to adjust our vision to see through His clear lenses and not our clouded ones. As we spend
time with the Holy Spirit, He brings clarity, He brings revelation and direction. He is the one that holds the key to our destiny….

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