Monday, May 2, 2011

Fruit of True Apostolic Leadership.... Love and Peace

I have been reading Culture of Honor by Danny Silk; first of all let me say that I highly recommend this book.  There have been many things that have spoken to me while reading this book, but there was a paragraph in the 6th chapter that I read the other day, that really jumped off the page at me. 

The chapter talks about the top priority of leadership.  One of these priorities is the need for leaders to create a safe environment, and that whenever the God is present, the environment is always safe. He also addresses how people have an impression of God that He is in a bad mood and many times this viewpoint is actually propagated by many church leaders.  Many times, because leadership behaves poorly and tries to control those in the church, the people in the church expect the same from God. 

When we have a viewpoint of God that He is not good, that He is in a bad mood; we will never reach our full potential in God.  We will never become free, whole and healthy. (This is my paraphrase and consolidated version)
Quote from the book that really spoke to me"But the good news is that conditions are changing. Heaven, the kingdom of love and freedom, is invading earth and love is directly confronting the fear that has governed us. Fear and love are enemies. These two spirits will not hold the same place together. Love and fear are like light and dark... fresh water and salt water... blessing and cursing. And one of them has to win. Love casts out the fear. Love not only casts out the fear; it brings
security, safety and shalom. This is the fruit that I am seeing in an apostolic environment....."

Back to me: There are many in the church today that are afraid to embrace the apostolic movement, leaders that have a fear of what they don't understand. Leaders that are afraid to give up control of
"their" flocks, propagate the fear.  The apostles and prophets should be the ones leading the Church. If they are truly submitting to God's authority, they can fully move in His call for their lives and the people in the Church are exposed the love of the Father and can reach their full potential.

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