Wednesday, June 27, 2012

swords and manhood

I know this is pretty crazy two blog post in the same evening.  But I just had to share this too.

In much world mythology the sword first has a positive meaning: a person’s ability to be discriminating and decisive. The sword helps a man separate his feelings from the issues at hand. It helps him name and maintain appropriate boundaries. A man with a sword knows who he is and who he isn’t, and what is worth protecting.

The sword has also borne a negative meaning, killing and death. Spiritually speaking however, it’s necessary to kill or at least distinguish the dark side, the small egocentric self.  Also for a man to be born, boyhood and “keeping all my options open” must die, and this is painful especially in a culture that encourages perpetual adolescence. So even in its negative sense the sword can become a symbol of the healthy warrior and an expression of his spiritual side. ~Fr. Richard Rohr

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