Friday, October 26, 2012

Are you willing?

This morning I read through Genesis 22:1-14 and 1 Samuel 1:7-20, both of these Scriptures have stories that show incredible faith, fear and utter dependence on Abba. First you have Issac being brought to the altar to be sacrificed by his father Abraham taking what was a fulfilled promise from God and being willing to fully give it back to Him. And you know that Isaac remembered the obedience of His father throughout his life and passed that legacy to his children. Then you have Hannah that in her grief and belief of what God is capable of doing dedicates her yet to be conceived son, after being barren for years, to be a nazarite, one who is set apart for The Lord. Just like how Sampson and John the Baptist were set apart pre-birth. This son was Samuel the great judge and prophet who anointed David as king. Are you willing to take the fulfilled promise that you have obtained or even the one that you are presevering to obtain and lay the on the altar or be willing to give Abba full control of them even though it means they are taken out of your hands?

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