Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a dream from 12/12/12

On 12/12/12 I had a dream that I think is significant to our future I have been putting off sharing it publically but I feel that now is the time.
Had a dream on 12/12/12 there was a building that people were packing up their personal belongings and carrying them out  it was a government building the building and stairs were cracking and crumbling and falling apart The crumbling governmental building represented our countries government (the government of man) I heard the Lord say that there is a breaking coming the choices that are being made are causing the breaking because they continue to separate Abba from the decisions being made to decide our direction and He says that His government is going to be established the only proper government is a Theocracy and He is establishing His government in spite if the decisions our leaders make.... Also notice the building stairs have crumbled but the foundation has not waivered and He will rebuild on that foundation There will be more persecution coming to the church but it will cause growth of His kingdom  mega churches will fall as many have become the houses of Pharisees the church will grow outside of the walls of limitations His people will be expected to show an outpouring of love and mercy as has never been seen before. The church will be re-established as the care center for our country the government will no longer be able to support our welfare system that was never supposed to be their responsibility As the church moves into it's rightful place balance will be restored.
Oh and the number 12 is the number of His perfect government And this was on 12/12/12

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